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10 Top Tips for Interviews with USCIS or Consular Officers

If you’re here, you’ve probably been searching for information about what to expect at an interview with a USCIS immigration officer or U.S. consular officer abroad. Perhaps you’ve spoken with some friends or family who have been through it to… Read More
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Why Administrative Processing Can Suck the Life Out of You and How to Keep Your Sanity!

Ask an immigration attorney about administrative processing and you may hear: “be patient,” “it takes time,” “you’ll hear from them soon,” “not much we can do,” “it’s a waiting game.” I’m not knocking those responses. I’ve… Read More
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​5 Most Common Reasons a Consular Officer Denied Your Visitor Visa Application

There are a number of reasons why a consular officer may deny a visa application for a tourist/business visitor. Here, we’ll discuss five of the most commonly used reasons to deny a visitor visa application at a U.S. Consulate. These are presented… Read More
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