P-2 Performer or Group Under Reciprocal Exchange Program

P-2 is for Certain Artists or Entertainers

A P-2 nonimmigrant status is for foreign nationals who are coming to the United States to perform as an artist or entertainer. The foreign national may be coming to the U.S alone or as part of a group and will perform under a government recognized reciprocal exchange program. A reciprocal exchange program is an agreement between organization(s) in the U.S. and organization(s) abroad to exchange artists or entertainers individually or as a group. A P-2 may be granted in one-year increments till the event, competition or performance is concluded.

Essential Support Staff

Further, essential support personnel of a P-2 may also seek P-2 classification if the essential support function performed by the foreign national(s) cannot be readily completed by U.S. workers.

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