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Employment Based Immigration

H-1B Visa – Temporary Worker

The H-1B program was designed to provide U.S. companies with the ability to fill available positions in their companies with foreign workers, on a temporary basis. The H-1B program is not open to just any position. It requires that the available posi… Read More

EB-1 Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors & Researchers or Multinational Manager/Executive

We help foreign nationals and their employers pursue immigration benefits under the EB-1 category. EB-1 is the employment-based immigration first preference visa category and it is open to the following three occupational categories without a Permane… Read More

Permanent Labor Certification (PERM)

For many foreign nationals currently working in the U.S., the terms “labor certification” or “PERM” are commonly understood as just one important element in an arduous path to permanent residence. We assist employers in all types of industrie… Read More

EB-2 Advanced Degree, Exceptional Ability or National Interest Waiver

EB-2 is an employment-based immigration category available to foreign nationals who meet certain criteria. EB-2 is Available to Three Groups of Individuals Someone holding an advanced degree; Someone with an exceptional ability in the sciences, arts… Read More

EB-3 Skilled Workers, Professionals or Unskilled Workers

Employment-based immigration’s third preference (EB-3) is reserved for three occupational categories: 1) Skilled Workers Skilled workers are persons with at least two years of job experience or training. 2) Professionals Professionals are persons w… Read More

EB-4 Certain Special Immigrants

EB-4 is the fourth preference for employment-based immigration to the U.S and is reserved for certain special immigrant occupations, including but not limited to religious workers and foreign nationals who have provided translation services in times… Read More

EB-5 Immigrant Investors

The EB-5 immigrant investor program allows a foreign national, including their spouse and unmarried children, to obtain permanent residence in exchange for a capital investment of either $500,000 or $1,000,000 depending upon where in the U.S. the inv… Read More

I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

An I-140 is the petition for an immigrant worker. The filing of this petition is required to first determine the eligibility for classifying a foreign national as someone who may apply for an employment-based immigrant visa at a consulate overseas or… Read More

L-1 Intracompany Transferee

The L-1 classification is a nonimmigrant status. It allows for the intracompany transfer of a foreign employee from a foreign entity to their U.S. company. The U.S. company might be the parent, affiliate, subsidiary or branch of the foreign entity. T… Read More

TN NAFTA Professionals

The TN category is governed by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The NAFTA treaty benefits Canadian and Mexican citizens in a non-immigrant context. It allows some qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to enter the U.S temporarily to… Read More

E-1 Treaty Traders & E-2 Treaty Investors

The United States maintains treaties with certain countries for commerce and navigation. An E-1 or E-2 are nonimmigrant classifications for a foreign national of a country with which the U.S. maintains such a treaty. What is an E-1? An E-1 is for tre… Read More

O-1 Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

An O-1 is a nonimmigrant status to work temporarily in the United States. A foreign national may apply for an O-1 visa at a U.S. consulate abroad or may change their status to O-1. Who is an O-1 for? An O-1 is for foreign nationals who can demonstrat… Read More

P-1A Internationally Recognized Athlete

A P-1A is a nonimmigrant classification for certain athletes. A foreign national athlete coming to the U.S. to compete/perform individually or as part of a team may obtain an P-1A if they are competing at an internationally recognized level of perfor… Read More

P-1B Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group

A P-1B is a nonimmigrant classification for a member of an entertainment group that has been recognized internationally as outstanding in their discipline for a sustained and substantial period of time. The reputation of the group as a whole matters… Read More

P-2 Performer or Group Under Reciprocal Exchange Program

A P-2 nonimmigrant status is for foreign nationals who are coming to the United States to perform as an artist or entertainer. The foreign national may be coming to the U.S alone or as part of a group and will perform under a government recognized re… Read More

P-3 Artist or Entertainer (Culturally Unique Program)

The P-3 nonimmigrant status is reserved for a foreign national coming to the United States to perform, interpret, teach, develop or coach as artists or entertainers on a temporary basis ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic perform… Read More

Q Cultural Exchange

The Q-1 nonimmigrant status is for foreign nationals seeking to participate in an international cultural exchange program for practical training and employment to share the history, culture and traditions of their home country with the United States.… Read More

R-1 Religious Workers

An R-1 nonimmigrant status is for foreign nationals coming to work as ministers or in other religious occupations or vocations for certain U.S. non-profits or religious organizations. An R-1 may work no less than 20 hours per week. Religious Workers… Read More

B Visitor

The B visitor nonimmigrant category splits into two branches: A B-1 for temporary business visitors, and a B-2 for temporary visitors for tourism. A B-1/B-2 may be obtained through a change of status while present in the United States, or by applying… Read More

Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows many nationals of certain countries to bypass a formal B-1/B-2 visa application at a U.S. consulate abroad and instead apply for travel authorization to the U.S. online from the comfort of their own home. Electron… Read More

F-1 Academic Students & Optional Practical Training (OPT)

The principal means of attending school in the United States by a foreign national is through F-1 nonimmigrant student status. However, for foreign nationals seeking to study at a nonacademic institution other than a language program, the M category… Read More

J-1 Exchange Visitors

J-1 nonimmigrant status is appropriate for a foreign national who is approved to work and study in an exchange visitor program. The Transfer of American Culture The J-1 program exists to assist the transfer of American culture, the English language,… Read More

Family Based Immigration

Marriage Based Immigration

U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident Status through Marriage By far the quickest path to lawful permanent resident status in the United States is through marriage. This is why Congress created not only the conditional resident status as a check on marriage… Read More

Other Family Based Immigration (Non-Spousal)

In addition to spouses, United States immigration law allows some non-spousal family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to immigrate to the U.S. These family members are subject to the family preference categories. The law favors… Read More

Abused Spouse (Violence Against Women Act)

An abused foreign spouse (or child) of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident may seek lawful permanent resident status without the support of their abusive spouse or parent. Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) The law was created to help victims,… Read More


Generally, when a petitioner dies, an I-130 petition previously filed by the petitioner is cancelled. However, asking the U.S. government to reinstate the I-130 petition may be possible under certain circumstances. Reinstatement is Not Necessary for… Read More

Orphans & Adoptions

Certain foreign national children may be classified as orphans and immigrate to the United States on that basis. U.S. immigration law defines how a child may be classified as an orphan for immigration purposes and that definition controls whether or… Read More

U.S. Consular Processing

There are two ways to process an immigration benefit request with the United States Government. The first is while the applicant is physically present in the U.S. The second is for applicants who are or will be located outside of the country. We help… Read More

Citizenship and Naturalization

The ultimate goal of many foreign nationals living in the United States is to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Some people have a quicker path to this goal than others, but we help foreign nationals realize the American Dream as efficiently as poss… Read More

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Generally, a simple way to understand what a waiver is, is to think of it as the procedure to ask for forgiveness from the U.S. Government for past transgression(s). Again, this is not always the case, but to keep it simple, thinking of it this way i… Read More

Private Immigration Bill

A private immigration bill, although infrequent, is legislation put forth by a member of the U.S. Congress to grant an immigration benefit to a specific foreign national. A private immigration bill can grant a foreign national lawful permanent reside… Read More

Temporary Protected Status

Temporary protected status (TPS) is a temporary nonimmigrant benefit under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for certain nationals of a foreign country designated by the Attorney General. TPS Offers Short-Term Reprieve for Certain Foreign Nat… Read More

Victim of Human Trafficking

Since 2000, the United States Congress has allocated 5,000 T-Visas annually for victims of severe human trafficking. Victims must assist law enforcement in the investigation or prosecution of the crime. Under certain circumstances, victims of severe… Read More

Victims of Certain Crimes

The United States Government may grant up to 10,000 foreign nationals who have been victims of certain crimes with U nonimmigrant status (usually referred to as a U-visa). The U status is not available to all victims of crime. The crime must rise to… Read More


We are staunch advocates for our clients whether we are working with administrative agencies or litigating in federal courts. Our firm represents clients before agencies under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and courts under the U.S. Departm… Read More