Reviews of Immigration Attorney Sunil C. Patel

Below are actual client reviews of immigration attorney Sunil Patel. Sunil C. Patel Immigration Law, LLC appreciates our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

"He represented us beyond our dreams."

He was worth it. He worked hard for us, he knows his job and did a fab job for us. We had complete confidence in this lawyer when we hired him and he represented us beyond our dreams.

– M. Martinez, ★★★★★ Review

"I would strongly recommend him to anyone."

He is a very good immigration Attorney. He guided my family through the process, and was always available whenever we needed questions answered. I would strongly recommend him to anyone in need of an Immigration Attorney.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"Dependable and ethical and with a lot of legal knowledge about immigration."

Working with Mr. Sunil has been a breeze from day one. He thinks about every little detail and planned out our path perfectly. He was always there to answer our emails personally. Thats what was so wonderful working with him because our questions weren't screened by a paralegal or somebody, Mr. Sunil answered us personally and usually within minutes to an hour max even on weekends. Dependable and ethical and with a lot of legal knowledge about immigration. Very happy with our attorney.

– Gabby, ★★★★★ Review

"Sunil was well worth the money."

We hired Sunil after spending thousands on our previous lawyer (big name law firm) who filed the wrong paperwork and gave us bad advice. Once we met Sunil, he explained the process to us and told us how he would help fix our old lawyer's mistake. We had to pay Sunil to fix everything and we didn't get our money back from our old lawyer but Sunil was well worth the money. My wife now has her unconditional green card and we are very happy with hiring Sunil.

– Dave, ★★★★★ Review

"Very knowledgeable ... approachable and honest."

Sunil Patel is very knowledgeable about immigration law, and he is very approachable and honest. He was able to help my husband and I with his immigration paperwork, and now my husband will be able to receive his green card.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate professional."

Mr. Patel is an excellent immigration attorney. Extremely knowledgeable and compassionate professional. I often received emails from him late at night and on weekends. He obviously cared about me and my family. He is very honest, and doesn't just take my money with no result. We recommend him always.

– Calvin Naik, ★★★★★ Review

"Excellent immigration lawyer."

Excellent immigration lawyer. He was recommended to me by my sister. I highly recommend him to others.

– Charlie Singh, ★★★★★ Review

"Stays on top of everything that needs to be handled."

I have worked with Sunil on many of my employee immigration concerns, from the H1 Lottery, Renewals, and perm apps and he is always very responsive to my questions and stays on top of everything that needs to be handled.

– Richard Nolting, ★★★★★ Review

"I successfully attained my work visa."

He professionally answered all my questions and handled all legal processes. With his assistance, I successfully attained my work visa, despite how much a long dreading process it was.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"I would definitely hire him again."

Atty. Sunil did a fantastic job! I would definitely hire him again and definitely will recommend him to my friends who would love to have his assistance in their immigration issues.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"He did a phenomenal job road mapping my immigration needs in regards to H1B and PERM process."

Mr. Patel is an outstanding immigration attorney. He did a phenomenal job road mapping my immigration needs in regards to H1B and PERM process. As a result of Mr. Patel's knowledge and attention to details, both consequently resulted in approvals. By explaining every detail of the process, including the pros and cons, Mr. Patel's knowledge in immigration law was readily apparent. I highly recommend Mr. Patel for all immigration related matters with full confidence.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

Samuel, Director - TechAffinity Consulting, Inc.

Its a great experience working with Sunil C patel. I appreciate his prompt response and patience to answer all of our questions related to H1b visa.

– Samuel, Director - TechAffinity Consulting, Inc., ★★★★★ Review


My wife's waiver was approved and she will receive her green card soon all because of Sunil's hard work. We were not happy with the lawyer we hired before hiring Sunil. Our first lawyer handed us over to the paralegal after they took our money. We hired the lawyer, not a paralegal. My cousin recommended Sunil and we were excited to hire him when we meet. Sunil doesn't hire paralegals or assistants. He himself does everything. He answered our questions throughout the process and was very quick to return emails and provided simple explanations to our questions. He even let us text him questions on his personal phone. Sunil is special and sets the standard on how an attorney should work with clients. The attorney fees are not cheap, but sometimes you get what you pay for in life and Sunil is worth every penny.

– Roberto, ★★★★★ Review


My mom chose Sunil as her lawyer because he was close by and it was convenient. It ended up being a great choice. My mom and sister tried to file an I-130 on their own. They totally filled out the affidavit of support wrong. Sunil was able to fix their mistake and he went with them to the interview. He was also very accommodating and quick to respond to emails. I would recommend him in a heartbeat and will definitely hire him again when I get started on my paperwork.

– Simone, ★★★★★ Review

"I will always recommend him to anyone that needs his help."

This is quite honestly the best attorney you can have. He helped me from the first phone call. He helped me apply for citizenship very quickly because I didn't even know there was a deadline in the time frame before my green card expired. He went with me to immigration each time when I really needed his help without hesitation. He is very professional and always returned my phone calls or emails without any delay at all. I will always recommend him to anyone that needs his help, he is extremely knowledgeable and always prepared.

– Maria, ★★★★★ Review

"Very efficient and is always there to answer any concerns you have."

I've known Sunil for 3 years now. He has been such a great lawyer and he is so professional. He helped me out with my previous case two years ago, and recently I definitely had to come back to him for another case. Sunil is very efficient and is always there to answer any concerns you have. If you're looking for a lawyer that will do everything to help you out then Sunil is the one.

– Ivet, ★★★★★ Review

"I would highly recommend Sunil."

Sunil has been an excellent resource for me. My company has a number of H1B employees and other Visa requirements and Sunil has always been very responsive, clear, concise, and straightforward when responding to my questions/requests/issues. I would highly recommend Sunil.

– Rich, ★★★★★ Review

"Very knowledgeable and responsive."

It has been pleasure working with Sunil - I have found him to be very knowledgeable and responsive to the legal needs that we have had. ... I am more than happy to recommend him for the immigration legal needs that may need to be addressed.

– Pankaj, ★★★★★ Review

"Stands out from the crowd."

Mr. Patel stands out from the crowd by being a calm presence. I have consulted him on several work-related issues, and have always received honest and straightforward guidance. Strong knowledge base, fast response times, and genuine caring for his clients characterize Mr. Patel's work.

– Adrienne, ★★★★★ Review

"Handled our immigration matter to 100 percent of my satisfaction."

Sunil is a great attorney to work with. He assisted me and my family in immigration naturalization matter. He is caring and knowledgeable. He has the ability to explain things both clearly and gently. He graciously answered our questions and addressed by concerns , I was much more informed and comfortable.

He is prompt, responsive, and has great attention to detail. He is easy to work with and fees are very reasonable. He handled our immigration matter to 100 percent of my satisfaction and I highly recommend him.

– A.A., ★★★★★ Review

"The type of lawyer you want."

He is no nonsense type person. Tells you the facts even you don't want to hear it or not. He is really fierce in his ways and smart and the type of lawyer you want. He is strong willed but is quite caring a person which is really difficult to find. Me and my family have a lot of respect for him and will not go to anyone else now.

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"Sunil’s value to my company is incalculable."

As the VP of a tech company I correspond with Sunil on a regular basis for his immigration advice. I have worked with his previous employer for well over 10 years and I have never received such thoughtful comprehensive guidance from any other immigration attorney as I do from Sunil. He is beyond compare. He is sharp as a razor. I depend on his expertise to make crucial decisions. He keeps us on our toes and I know that when I ask him for his advice, he will be clear in his thoughts, he will tell us what the law says and he will provide solid opinions and guidance that keep us in compliance with the law. He is unafraid to scold us should we stray off the path and I respect that. He is passionate and compassionate. Sunil’s value to my company is incalculable. He is welcome to come and work for my company in-house anytime. He knows that, but I think he is too busy helping too many people :)

– Anonymous, ★★★★★ Review

"I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!"

Thank you to attorney Patel for taking on my case.I was in a difficult situation due to my previous attorney who dropped the ball and my whole file was in a mess. He had been recommended to me by a work colleague who needed an attorney for a different matter.

I was told that he is a man of sincerity and importantly is very knowledgeable. His legal fees were also very reasonable. Thanks to attorney Patel my case is now resolved without an issues because of his dedication and thorough handling of my case. Finally I am tension free! I wholeheartedly recommend attorney Patel based on his ability to listen, advise, knowledge and experience.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!

– Joaquin, ★★★★★ Review