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What is an I-94?

An I-94 is an arrival and departure record. It determines how long you can stay in the U.S. Your I-94 expiration date and not the expiration date on your visa sticker (which is glued to a page of your passport) determines how long you can stay in the U.S. Some of you will have an expiration date on your I-94 and others will have D/S or Duration of Status in place of an expiration date. If your I-94 has an expiration date and you want/need to stay beyond the expiration date, you must file for an extension, file for a change of status or file for adjustment of status (under certain circumstances) before the expiration date on your I-94. If your I-94 has expired before you file any of the above and you have not left the U.S., you will be “out of status.”

Where can I find my I-94?

The I-94 has now been automated and can be retrieved online at https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home#section. Previously, an I-94 was a white card placed in your passport upon entering the United States.