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Immigration Marriage Interview Questions & What to Expect on the Day!

The thought of undergoing an interview, any interview, for just about anything, gives most of us anxiety. For marriage-based immigration clients it’s no different. If you’re anxious, sweaty palmed and would rather lose a toe if it could get y… Read More
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85 Questions to Help You Prepare For a H-1B Visa Interview

These are the types of questions you should expect on the day of your H-1B visa interview. This is only a guide for informational purposes and must not be relied upon. The Consular officer may ask you different questions from the ones listed here and… Read More
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Top 5 Reasons Your H-1B Visa Application Is Stuck In Administrative Processing

Administrative processing delays can be a problem for any visa applicant, and although some of the reasons below may apply to other visa categories, this article is specifically written with H-1B visa applicants in mind. This article in no way attemp… Read More
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10 Top Tips for Interviews with USCIS or Consular Officers

If you’re here, you’ve probably been searching for information about what to expect at an interview with a USCIS immigration officer or U.S. consular officer abroad. Perhaps you’ve spoken with some friends or family who have been through it to… Read More
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Marriage Problems Before U.S. Naturalization

If you’re reading this, you probably received your green card through marriage and you’re contemplating separation, divorce, or even both. Perhaps you have initiated divorce proceedings, or a Judge has already signed off on your divorce. Maybe yo… Read More
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Top Three Responsibilities of a U.S. Green Card Holder

So, you got yourself a green card, now what? Lawful permanent resident status (LPR), commonly known as a “Green Card” holder, is the next best thing to U.S. Citizenship. But it’s not U.S. Citizenship. Maybe you will pursue naturalization in… Read More
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Why Administrative Processing Can Suck the Life Out of You and How to Keep Your Sanity!

Ask an immigration attorney about administrative processing and you may hear: “be patient,” “it takes time,” “you’ll hear from them soon,” “not much we can do,” “it’s a waiting game.” I’m not knocking those responses. I’ve… Read More
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4 Harsh Consequences of Bad Lawyering for the Immigrant Client

Even the most experienced and talented lawyer can make a mistake. We’re just human, and as humans, we’re as fallible as they come. But if you’re a lawyer’s client, or even a doctor’s patient, the consequences of bad lawyering, or bad doctor… Read More
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Top 5 Tips for Conditional Permanent Residents Based on Marriage

First, congratulations on obtaining your conditional permanent resident status, which is not an easy thing to do in its own right. You and your spouse should celebrate this moment because it is a milestone worth celebrating. But let’s be clear, you… Read More
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How the Internet is Killing your Immigration Mojo!

Update: As of May 2019, visa applicants will be required to list all their social media handles over the last five years before a visa will be issued. Don’t you just love having information at your fingertips? I mean, how great is it that in a matt… Read More
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